• Effect Code Adrenaline effects---anoseonglass/// Aggressive traffic ---ylteicz /// All cars have nitrous--- speedfreak /// Always 00:00 or 12:00 ---nightprowler /// Always 21:00--- ofviac /// Armor, health, and money ---hesoyam/// Beach party theme ---lifesabeach/// Beater traffic--- everyoneispoor/// Black traffic--- iowdlac/// Bounty on your head--- bagowpg/// Carnival theme--- crazytown/// Cars fly away ---bubblecars/// City in chaos--- iojufzn/// CJ jumps higher ---kangaroo/// Cloudy weather--- alnsfmzo/// Commit suicide--- goodbyecruelworld/// Destroy all cars--- cpktnwt/// Fast motion ---speeditup/// Flying boats ---flyingfish /// Flying cars--- chittychittybangbang/// Foggy weather ---cfvfgmj/// Gangs and workers ---mroemzh/// Gangs only--- onlyhomiesallowed/// Hitman level in all weapons--- professionalkiller/// Invisible cars ---wheelsonlyplease/// Kinky theme--- bekknqv/// Lower wanted level ---turndowntheheat/// Manual weapon control in cars ---ouiqdmw /// Massive BMX bunny hops ---cjphonehome/// Maximum fat ---btcdbcb/// Maximum lung capacity ---cvwkxam/// Maximum muscle ---buffmeup/// Maximum respect--- worshipme/// Maximum stamina ---vkypqcf/// Maximum sex appeal ---helloladies/// Maximum vehicle skills--- naturaltalent/// No fat or muscle--- kvgyzqk/// No hunger--- aeduwnv /// Pedestrians are Elvis ---bluesuedeshoes/// Pedestrians attack with guns--- bgluawml/// Pedestrians have weapons ---foooxft/// Pedestrians riot--- stateofemergency/// Perfect handling--- sticklikeglue/// Pink traffic ---llqpfbn// Raise wanted level--- turnuptheheat/// Recruit anyone into gang with guns--- sjmahpe/// Recruit anyone into gang with rocket launcher---zsoxfsq/// Reduced traffic---ghosttown/// Rural theme---bmtpwhr/// Rural traffic---fvtmnbz/// Sandstorm weather---cwjxuoc/// Six star wanted level ---bringiton/// Slow motion ---slowitdown/// Spawn Bloodring Banger ---oldspeeddemon/// Spawn Caddy--- rzhsuew/// Spawn Dozer itsallbull/// Spawn Hunter--- ohdude/// Spawn Hydra ---jumpjet/// Spawn Jetpack ---rocketman/// Spawn Monster--- monstermash/// Spawn Parachute ---aiypwzqp/// Spawn Quad--- fourwheelfun/// Spawn Racecar ---vrockpokey/// Spawn Racecar--- vpjtqwv/// Spawn Rancher--- jqntdmh/// Spawn Rhino ---aiwprton/// Spawn Romero--- wheresthefuneral/// Spawn Stretch--- celebritystatus/// Spawn Stunt Plane--- flyingtostunt/// Spawn Tanker ---amomhrer/// Spawn Trashmaster ---truegrime/// Spawn Vortex ---kgggdkp/// Speed up time ---ysohnul/// Sports car traffic ---everyoneisrich/// Rainy weather ---auifrvqs/// Stormy weather ---scottishsummer/// Sunny weather ---pleasantlywarm/// Super punches--- iavenjq/// Taxi missions completed ---vkypqcf/// Traffic lights remain green ---zeiivg/// Unlimited ammunition ---fullclip/// Unlimited health ---baguvix/// Vehicle of death ---jcnruad/// Very sunny weather ---toodamnhot/// Wanted level never increases--- aezakmi/// Weapons (tier 1)--- lxgiwyl/// Weapons (tier 2) ---professionalskit/// Weapons (tier 3) ---uzumymw/// Yakuza theme ---ninjatown///

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  • Effect Code/// Kill everyone else_---diediedie/// Resign game--- resign/// Full map--- reveal map/// 1000 food----pepperoni pizza/// 1000 gold ---coinage/// 1000 wood ---woodstock/// 1000 stone ---quarry/// Remove fog of war--- no fog/// Transform villagers1 ---medusa/// Commit suicide--- hari kari/// Laser gunner with 15 attack, 10 shots per second2--- photon man/// Animal control, no human control---gaia/// All Catapult Triremes and Juggernauts transformed into Flying Dutchmen that can travel over water and land flying--- dutchman/// Instant building, research, creation, hunting for everyone until end of scenario--- steroids/// Win scenario--- home run/// Kill player---kill

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    • Effect Code /// 1000 Food---JUNK FOOD NIGHT /// 1000 Gold---ATM OF EREBUS /// 1000 Wood---TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE /// Chicken meteor god power---BAWK BAWK BOOM /// Enable used god power---DIVINE INTERVENTION/// Fast construction L33T---SUPA H4X0R/// Flying purple hippo---WUV WOO /// Forkboy---TINES OF POWER /// Full map---LAY OF THE LAND /// Hide map---UNCERTAINTY AND DOUBT/// Laser bear---O CANADA /// Lightning storm, earthquake, meteor, tornado--- WRATH OF THE GODS /// Lots of monkeys---I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1!/// Maximum Favor---MOUNT OLYMPUS /// New random god powers---PANDORAS BOX/// Night---IN DARKEST NIGHT/// Red water---RED TIDE /// Reveal all animals on map---SET ASCENDANT /// Slow down units CONSIDER---THE INTERNET /// Small hero campaign army---ISIS HEAR MY PLEA/// Turn enemies into goats---GOATUNHEIM/// Level skip---CHANNEL SURFING/// Walking berry bushes god power--- FEAR THE FORAGE/// Win scenario---THRILL OF VICTORY/// Faster game---LETS GO! NOW!/// Herd animals fattened---ENGINEERED GRAIN///


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